Why Brazil rules: myth vs. reality

julho 21, 2010

by Douglas Armendone

For I have a Brazilian dream…


Indian, African-black and white-European, you are aware of, are the main Brazilian population ethnic groups.

Nevertheless,  ‘Eu sou brasileiro e não desisto nunca‘  is our  shared unique motto. (“I am Brazilian, thus I never give up”).

We believe in change. We believe in democracy – although not perfect, the best system so far. We path our ways  towards a brighter future  by developing strategies for the benefit of the whole: the community and the family. In this dialogue, children are our priority, but the focus is also put on the elderly, the holders of our cultural heritage. Who are we?

We are Brazilians. Latin. South Americans. We do love soccer (sometimes). We do like samba (sometimes), but we can also teach you bossa-nova (which I prefer). Moreover, we very much appreciate Janis Joplin, Jay-Z and Bollywood. We are international.

We can be BRICS, for we have got the power and the essential strength in order to foster and sustain endless actions workin’ as a team.

Make Brazil proud, I should say, if colligated with our above-mentioned motto, could totally be the fastest option to achieve the freely permitted and most wanted utopia, which we call happiness.


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